Group Coverage for Dependent Children Expanded

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Group Coverage for Dependent Children Expanded
Maximum Age Raised

Effective January 1, 2008, we're raising the maximum age of coverage for dependent children in all states. We will cover unmarried* dependent children up to age 26 or the state-mandated age.
*In Indiana, married and unmarried children can remain covered to age 26.
Full-Time Student Requirement Eliminated

We’re also eliminating the student requirement for dependents over age 19 in all states. Our group members will no longer be required to submit annual proof of full-time student status for their adult children.

Current Dependents Can Re-Enroll

From now through January 31, 2008, we’ll allow dependents aged 19-25 to enroll for coverage effective January 1, 2008 if they previously lost coverage due to non-student status. Those not enrolled by January 31 must wait until their group’s next open enrollment period, unless they qualify for Special Enrollment. The usual pre-existing condition waiting periods will apply to dependents re-enrolling.

Dependent Addition Form Required for Re-Enrollment

Employees should complete the Dependent Addition form to re-enroll children who previously lost coverage. This form is available on our website at under For Employers/Employer Information/Forms and the appropriate state.

Employers Will Be Notified With January Premium Statement
We’re notifying all employer groups of this change with the January premium statements, which are scheduled to be postal mailed the week of December 10, 2007.
For More Information
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